25 Jobs You Can Do From Home That Pay $25 Per Hour

These are 25 jobs that you can do from home that typically pay at least $25 per hour:

Freelance Writer/Editor:

For seasoned pros in particular, content generation, editing, and proofreading can frequently be lucrative.

Virtual Assistant:

Help clients with data entry, email management, and scheduling from a distance.

Create logos, graphics, and other visual content for a range of customers or businesses as a graphic designer.

Web developer:

Create and manage websites for customers, working remotely or as a freelancer.

Social Media Manager:

Create content, interact with followers, and oversee social media accounts for businesses.

internet tutor:

Use internet resources to instruct pupils in a variety of disciplines or languages.


Produce written text from audio or video recordings.

Customer service representative:

Respond to calls, emails, and chat requests from customers and offer assistance.

Virtual Bookkeeper:

Conduct bookkeeping and accounting from the comfort of your home for companies.

Virtual Event Planner:

Arrange and oversee virtual conferences and webinars, among other online events.


Interpret text between several languages, either in writing or spoken.
Create and market online courses through sites such as Teachable and Udemy.

Voiceover Artist:

Provide narration for audiobooks, commercials, and other media projects.

Virtual Recruiter:

Help businesses identify and select suitable applicants for remote jobs.Data entry specialists manage and enter information for companies or institutions.

Online Community Manager:

Oversee online forums and communities, answering questions from participants and policing debates.

Digital marketing specialist:

Create and carry out business-related digital marketing strategy.

E-commerce Specialist:

Oversee online stores’ marketing, customer support, and product listings.

Medical Transcriptionist:

Capture medical notes taken by medical practitioners.

Online Survey Taker/Market Researcher:

To give companies feedback, take part in online surveys or market research studies.

Assist customers with making travel plans and giving them destination details as a virtual travel agent.

Video Editor:

Create and edit videos for customers or businesses.

Lead virtual fitness courses or offer individualized training sessions as an online fitness instructor.

Online English Language Teacher:

Use resources like VIPKid or iTutorGroup to instruct non-native English speakers in the language.

Remember that actual compensation for these jobs may differ depending on experience, degree of expertise, and particular customer or business.

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