Great Workplaces The Happiest 100+ Companies for Remote Employees

I didn’t have access to real-time databases or rankings as of January 2022, so I was unable to present the most recent list of the “100+ Happiest Companies That Hire Remote Workers.” But I can recommend a few traits and categories of businesses that are frequently mentioned as excellent remote work environments:

Tech businesses:

Because a lot of technology businesses’ work is digital in nature, many of them provide remote job options. GitHub, Google, and Microsoft are a few examples.

Proponents of Remote Work:

A few businesses have made it the centerpiece of their company strategy and are well-known for encouraging a culture that is conducive to working remotely. Zapier, Buffer, and GitLab are a few examples.

Startups that have embraced remote work from the beginning and put employee satisfaction and well-being first are known as remote-first startups. Automattic, the business that created WordPress, and InVision are two examples. 

Consulting Firms:

Employees at consulting firms such as Deloitte, PwC, and Accenture can work remotely from any location and still provide worldwide client service.

Financial Services:

A lot of financial services firms, like Capital One and American Express, provide remote work options, particularly for positions involving software development, data analysis, and customer support.

Healthcare Industry:

Organizations in this field, such as telehealth firms like Teladoc and insurance carriers like UnitedHealth Group, are offering remote work choices more frequently, especially for non-clinical positions.

Education & E-learning:

As online learning has grown in popularity, employers such as Pearson, Coursera, and Khan Academy are providing remote employment options for instructors, developers, and content producers.

E-commerce and retail:

Remote employment possibilities are available from companies such as Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy, particularly in marketing, software development, and customer care departments.

Remote employment Boards and Platforms:

Websites that specialize in listing remote employment opportunities across a range of businesses and sectors, including many well-known for its happy employees, include FlexJobs,, and We Work Remotely.

Remember that although working remotely might be flexible and lead to a more satisfying job, there are other aspects that can affect how happy remote workers are overall, including work-life balance, management style, business culture, and personal preferences. Prior to taking a chance on remote job, always check out the culture and reputation of the organization.

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